Management Support

Your needs can change from day to day ... sometimes from moment to moment. To make sure your Murray Guard security staff is as responsive as possible, we back up each officer with a comprehensive network of trained, empowered management support. Our chain of site, branch, corporate and executive management support assures that you receive exactly the right response, at the right level, when you need it.

Account Managers/Supervisors: The Critical Difference

  • Dedicated to your account.
  • Expertise on your site and your needs.

Whether handling a single site or several, Murray Guard’s supervisors are critical to our business partnerships. These managers are empowered to manage their accounts and are rewarded for performance in key functional areas.

Branch Offices: Complete Local Support

  • Our extensive network of branch offices puts management right on your doorstep.
  • Qualified managers with specific knowledge of your security program are available to solve any challenge that may arise.

Overseeing all planning, hiring, training, scheduling, supervision and administrative functions, our local management team is both accessible and accountable. With intimate knowledge of your market, Murray Guard’s staff can provide a proactive security program and the right solution for your site.

Corporate Support

  • Strategic support for clients and branch offices.

Murray Guard’s branches are fully supported by a corporate sustainment architecture. This framework is designed to reduce the administrative burden on our branches, allowing the branch staff to focus on client services and our employees. It also allows us to quickly leverage our significant depth of regional resources in support of branches and clients confronted with extraordinary requirements or emergency situations.

Executive Support: Top Level Accountability

  • Primary focus on quality assurance.

Through regular visits to branch offices and client sites, Murray Guard’s executives are directly involved in helping to formulate strategies and solutions for your security program throughout the year.