Quality Assurance

We practice Continuous Quality Improvement through a five-tier Total Quality Management program and a comprehensive compliance process. Together these practices help us maintain some of the most rigorous performance standards in the industry.

Total Quality Management

The five tiers of our Total Quality Management program include:

  • Leadership: senior management monitors progress at each level of service.
  • Training: up-to-date training at all levels of management.
  • Supervision: oversight and review running from the security officer on site to upper management.
  • Inspection: on-site inspections and regular audits of all branch operations.
  • Customer Satisfaction: a monthly check with clients that enhances communication and provides timely responses to clients’ needs.


We also ensure that each office adheres to all client requirements and company regulations through:

  • Comprehensive documentation: Security officers and supervisors keep detailed activity records and submit daily reports, as well as records of all training activities.
  • Proactive management oversight: Multiple tiers of managers supervise each site and provide client representatives with numerous opportunities to access our management.
  • Unannounced inspections: In addition to the regular supervision inspections of each shift, our Inspection, Regulatory, and Compliance (IRC) Team makes frequent, unannounced inspections of office operations.
  • Annual management meeting: General managers review and evaluate all client operations, learning and development efforts and management functions, ensuring consistency in our standards.
  • Centralized compliance officers: Specialists in Risk Management, Learning and Development, Selection Analysis, and Human Resources evaluate and respond to operations and performance at each client site.