Training & Development

Murray Guard executes comprehensive training programs through our Premier Security Academy (PSA). PSA programs provide a range of centralized, regional, branch, or distributed training elements that address security training, education, and development requirements from Basic Security Officers through Site and Area Supervisors, up to our corporate management staff. The majority of our instructors are drawn from Murray Guard management staff. Course material is developed from our own experience, industry best practices and academic resources.

Basic Security Officer Training

All Murray Guard officers begin with the Murray Guard Basic Security Officer Training Program. This eight-hour course uses the latest in security best practices to establish general security fundamentals. This course material is supplemented as necessary to ensure full compliance with any applicable state or municipal requirements for security officer licensing and certification. In addition, we provide specific, customer-focused basic training as customer needs require.


In addition to Basic Security Officer Training, all Murray Guard officers must pass customized on-the-job (OJT) standards using our own structured and documented On-the-Job-Training methodology. OJT trains officers in the specific duties and requirements of their on-site post.

Premier Security Officer Training

Our PSO training program takes the Basic Security Officer to the next level of training, professionalism, and capability. The primary differentiator is training and licensing for armed security officer services. PSO training and status includes following baseline components:

  • Security service/equivalent demonstrated experience requirements (four years)
  • Physical fitness standards (varying based on client and post requirements)
  • Weapons training/qualification (per state and client requirements)
  • First Aid/CPR/AED training/certification
  • TargetSolutions™-based Training Courses (12 hours total)
  • Defining a Professional
  • Avoiding Legal Liability: The Security Officer's Role
  • Report Right: The Write Way
  • Security Officer Safety
  • Security and Police Relations
  • Interviewing at the Scene
  • Internal Loss Control: The Protection Officer's Role
  • Workplace Violence: Recognizing the Warning Signs of Workplace Violence: The Security Officer's Role
  • Search and Seizure, Part 1
  • Search and Seizure, Part 2
  • Additional training per client requirements

Customer-Specific Training

We have the ability to develop customized training programs for each client’s particular requirements. In the past, we have developed training programs for office buildings, banks, hospitals, universities, utility companies, hotels, and other industries.

Supervisory Training

Murray Guard supervisors attend our Premier Security Supervisor Training Course, and then annually receive eight hours of advanced supervisory skills instruction. These courses are delivered on a regional basis by Murray Guard’s Premier Security Academy instructional team.

Management Training

We conduct a 40-hour management seminar semi-annually at the Murray Guard Corporate Training Facilities. The seminar was developed by professors from Union University, as well as Murray Guard’s corporate staff. It covers management skills, company policies, employee benefits, recruiting, quality control and other topical subjects.

Job Knowledge Assessment Program

In addition to extensive classroom, site and online training, we include assessment as an essential part of training at Murray Guard. We measure the job knowledge of each newly assigned Security Officer through a Q&A evaluation customized for each individual post. This information helps assure us of training effectiveness and the possible need for any further training.