Why Choose Murray Guard?

Securing your organization, with its own unique requirements, has never been more challenging. Budget, context, and technology all come into play, as well as the ever-changing nature of security threats themselves.

In this environment, the most effective solutions come from a security provider who can be flexible, who can provide trained and motivated staff, and who is committed to meeting your changing needs on a long-term basis.

A history of customer focus

Since the beginning, Murray Guard has been that kind of company. As a privately held security provider, we can more easily tailor our programs to meet your needs. We can back up our commitment to develop and nourish a long-term relationship with your organization. And as a pioneer of professional development in the security field, we can provide well-trained, highly motivated security officers for your sites.

A culture of professional development

As fast as situations develop and change in today’s security environment, we believe that people are the key to excellence — and we back it up in our commitment to our employees and customers.

Our advantage is based on four key areas of excellence: