Murray Guard Incorporates Trackforce™ Physical Security Information Management Technologies

(Jackson, Tennessee): Leading regional security services provider Murray Guard, Inc. is now incorporating Trackforce™ GuardTek™ Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) capabilities as part of its security service offerings to current and prospective clients. Trackforce™ is a leading provider of this technology, and has collaborated closely with Murray Guard in posturing our company for its deployment.

Trackforce™ integrates security devices and operational data into one common management view. The Trackforce™ product line includes applications for mobile data collection, electronic reporting/compliance, asset tracking, visitor management, package/delivery/mail management, logistics inspections/compliance (gate logs) and more. Trackforce™ provides intelligence to identify situations, present step by step instructions, tracking, and resolution management that is effective, compliant and timely. This robust platform documents the data and workflows that go with the people, products and processes required for real time management, audits and KPI analytics. With Trackforce™, our clients can have up-to-the minute visibility of the security situation at their facilities, immediate awareness of any emerging concerns, and confidence that their assets are fully secured,

Core Trackforce™ capabilities that Murray Guard is leveraging include the following:

  • Reporting PortalGeolocation & Officer Dispatch
  • Event and Activity Reports
  • Management Inspections and Audit Reports
  • Time and Attendance Reporting
  • Mobile and Desktop Clock InPassdown Logs
  • Incidents Reporting/Tracking
  • Post Order Management
  • Document Management
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Mobile Smart eForms
  • Resolution tracking
  • Smart Tours/InspectionsInteractive task lists
  • Mandatory Data Collection
  • Exception Notification
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Visitor RegistrationVisitor & Truck Processing
  • Location Based TrackingGPS
  • RFID
  • Central MonitoringMulti-tenant architecture
  • Allow any feature to be a “Monitored”
  • Enterprise Management DashboardMultiple Location Management
  • Aggregated Reporting & KPI’s
  • Geographical Management


Murray Guard will tailor application of Trackforce™ capabilities for client-specific requirements, providing comprehensive, real-time security management capabilities tailored precisely to your needs.

For more information, please contact Blair Ross, Vice President of Operations and Chief Technology Officer, Murray Guard, Inc., at (731) 668-3400