Murray Guard’s Security Officers Stand Strong During Atlanta’s Winter Storms

Atlanta StormATLANTA, Feb. 01, 2014 … As massive winter storms ripped through Atlanta, forcing the city to a standstill, Murray Guard’s security officers stood by their posts.

The Jan. 28 storm caught many people unprepared when ice and snow covered roadways and commuters left work for home. Highways around the city were gridlocked with traffic accidents and abandoned vehicles. Many businesses were closed, but Murray Guard’s officers would not leave their post until their relief arrived, said Atlanta Branch General Manager Jerry Switalski.

“We didn’t have any open posts for the duration of this,” Switalski said. “

Switalski  and his team hit the roads during the storm driving relief officers to and from their posts throughout the city, using back roads to get around. During the event,  Every officer remained at their post until they were relieved and Murray Guard provided meals to the officers who were pressed into extra duty.

“We had multiple clients call us and praise our officers,” Switalski said.

The city fared much better when the second winter storm arrived February 10th. Officers went to work with extra food, access to a hot shower, and a change of clothes and toiletries, ready for extended shifts, Switalski said.

“We had several days to prepare for  this storm,” Switalski said. “It was tough, but we were prepared for it.”

During the second storm, Switalski again ferried personnel around the city to relieve officers.

“Employees went above and beyond the call during the recent storms”, Switalski said. Long after businesses closed and their employees went home, Murray Guard’s officers stayed behind, protecting clients’ property and assets.

“Every post was filled, every shift was filled, and we exceeded our clients expectations,” he said.

Founded in 1967, Murray Guard provides protection of corporate and industrial assets across the country for companies large and small. Murray Guard has more than 2,500 professionals from 13 branches that are among the highest caliber of security teams available.