San Bernardino – Security and Preparation for Active Shooters

Safety and Security Bulletin

Active Shooter Preparation and Response

We live in an ever-changing world. Recent incidents, including the latest in San Bernardino, California, have brought to the forefront the scope of danger that exists in our society.  We, at Murray Guard, are faced with protecting the property, assets, and employee’s lives of our clients.  We take this responsibility very seriously.  We are meeting these new challenges by being currently capable of providing security training designed to prevent or suppress the possibility of these type incidents.  Our approach is to not only provide professional level training to our security officers in responding to these events, but to also assist our clients in training employees on how to react when faced with such an incident.

Our Officers:  The presence of an active shooter is almost always a surprise occurrence.  Whether it is a disgruntled employee, an incident of workplace violence, or a terrorism-based event, the response must be quick, planned, and decisive.  The training curriculum for our security officers is based on the best current practices available, and meets or exceeds existing expectations.  We train to succeed.  This training is built around the concepts of Contain, Assess, Evacuate, and Control.  We teach our people how to contain an area to deny the suspect access to other areas.  We train on how to think on their feet under stress, to assess the threat, then accurately report to responding units a precise synopsis of what’s happening, where it’s happening, and who are the suspect or suspects.  We prepare our security personnel to orderly and safely evacuate an area, to not only prevent injury and/or loss of life, but to account for personnel as they exit the area.  Lastly we emphasize the importance of controlling the scene until law enforcement arrives, then to assist the responding agencies as directed.  We also train our armed officers to be proficient in the use of firearms and tactics designed to neutralize any threat as a last resort.

Our Clients:  We offer our clients a training program for their managers and employees on how to react to an active shooter incident, based on the Department of Homeland Security guidelines of Run, Hide, and Fight.  We also provide the opportunity to receive a vulnerability assessment of their business or facility.  The emphasis of these assessments is on making the environment more secure by providing fact based recommendations to harden a soft target.  In today’s world any facility that invites open access to the public or provides a service to the community is to some degree vulnerable to an attack.  These assessments will help to identify those exposures.

It is our goal to not only secure our client’s facility, but to do everything possible to provide the safest environment possible for the customer, the visitor, and the employee…no matter what the threat